Monday, December 30, 2013

Filip II Macedoński: The Ro-Yellow Sun of Goddess

Betelgeuse: The Largest Orange Sun of God/dess Giant in the 10-Orion nation helper system.

Expansion plans for 2015 are in Kissamos, Crete. We expect to infuse 500 million euros into their air freight economy.

Terminal Access is expected in Istanbul in 2014 if we can hag the Sultans into a better deal.

XYZ's Air Freight Corporate Granite Headquarters will be in Formosa and Brazil and Russia.

XYZ Dragontail Air Freight's Customer Service Motto: "You reap what you pound."

Serving the Orion-10 helper countries since 2013

Serving the Soviet Life union since 1980

Serving the Hapii/Hopii People of Japan since 2013.

South Sudan: The Breadbasket of the Solar African tribal nations.

The XYZ Dragontail Freight Company Logo